Friday, 27 June 2008

Swans, Blogs, No Bees and Banter

This blog was going to feature some bees but I decided the video wasn't good enough! Given the blog title there should be some Bees sometime soon. My back garden is buzzing with them, despite what Dr Who is saying about vanishing bees.


In other miscellaneous matters, the unread Lee Strobel that once lurked on my sideboard is now much unread and is a page turner. I'll save a full review until I reach the end of once of the first books I've read in a long while. I first heard of Strobel on one of my favourite podcasts Stand To Reason. STR have a great web site too but I somehow never seem to spend enough time on it!

Aside from reading, I am also working on an another Blog for the Drama group which I help at. I have a domain and hopefully Blogger will suffice to handle some fairly simple content. Windows Live Writer is a solid program for updating many blogs of the most common types and is a cool application which shows Microsoft's better side - its free, easy to use, has plug-ins and generally plays nice.Ok I could be writing a CMS or using one of the many free ones online for creating websites but they generally create more fuss than they are worth. Now if only Blogger had a great interface on the iPaq...

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