Sunday, 22 June 2008

Power Walking in the Rain

It was a rather wet dog outing this morning. The paths by the beach were full of hooded walkers power walking along with their hounds. Dandy was a little disappointed not to get his paws sandy but was glad to get home for his breakfast. As he has got older, he has become more interested in food and loves dairy products and pork. As a pup he often left plenty in the bowl. Being a pet a semi-vegi household, it is a fairly rare treat for him to get some carne.

Given the weather today, Dandy does resemble the soggy photo in the previous blog entry. On my return to the house things got a little more watery with the sink needing some plunger action. All fine now hopefully leaving the rest of the day for some blogging and some reading. An unread Lee Strobel lurks on my sideboard...

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