Sunday, 30 October 2011

Staying Healthy For Winter

Definitely late autumn here now in Scotland though we have not experienced a frosty morning here (near the coast) and with the clocks changing winter is not too far away. I have been thinking about how to stay healthier for winter - fewer colds and sore throats would be nice! Hopefully this years cycling and general being outside in the sun more (good for vitamin D) will help. I have a few vitamin supplements I take too but always looking for something else.

New ways of staying warm are important, especially as I like to be outdoors all year round with dog walking and gathering firewood. A gift last year was a tube scarf which is pretty much as it sounds around 3 feet long with one third being thick fleece and the rest being lighter material. Tighter than a scarf it is also harder to lose. My wife has been raving about real wool jumpers so I am on a look out for one of those - I prefer fleeces which I can layer as required.

So what are your ways of staying warm and well in the winter? I would like some new ones to try from around the world :-)

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