Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Machine Mode Change

Churn churn goes the machine. Yes this blog is feeling rather mechanical so here's a personal post rather than diving into historic documents. I still have not figured out the 'best' way to serialise the Confessions. Working on it :-)

It has been a year of changes so far with a new house, new pets and many other matters coming up. Thankfully almost all positive! I am pondering what to do with this blog and others but this one should not change too much in form. I seem to bounce between specialised blogs and aggregating everything into one place. Trying not to follow that pattern this time.

I have been pushing out to do new things (difficult for a creature of habit and routine like me). One opportunity today is to get back to 'real letter' writing with paper and everything. A Twitter pal prompted me to get back into it with a Penpal Club. You can visit her blog here.

Right that is all. Just and update and ramble to break the silence. Take care.

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