Friday, 11 July 2008

Feed Prune

Clutter, clutter, clutter has been filling up my Google Reader lists for too long so I am in the process of severely pruning the feeds and adding some carefully chosen new ones. For instance, I never really got through the BBC news feeds and some podcasts I listen to every single day have related blogs which I have never got round to reading. Of course Google help out here by giving you feedback on the trends of what you are reading and providing some recommendations of feeds that you would like. The latter is very impressive and has made some spookily good suggestions for and automated system.

Another source of more interesting feeds is page2rss which is useful for tracking more obscure websites that haven't got round to RSS. Google alerts is good too but I have had mixed results - scratch that - duplicated results of the same forum post 5-12 times a day!!

For more life decluttering, I recommend the Lifehacker website. It has suggestions for the real world too though I find them much harder to implement than a simple hack on the laptop.

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